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The Best Naruto Shoes Collaborations You Need To See

The Best Naruto Shoes&Sneaker Collaborations You Need To See

Naruto shoes are the must-have item for any Naruto fan if you want to show your love for the series, the must-have items in this list will not only make you look stylish but also boost your confidence.

Naruto sneakers come in a variety of styles and are designed by different brands collaborating with Naruto, featuring the most iconic characters to give you a chance to show your love for your favorite character.

You won’t find these uniquely designed Naruto sneakers anywhere else, they’re perfect for expressing your naruto style and making a bold statement.

Not only will these Naruto-inspired designs look great on any outfit, but they are also made with the highest quality materials for unmatched comfort and durability.

So, below is the list of the best collaborated Naruto sneakers that you can get and showcase your love not only for the series but for each character.

Naruto Uzumaki Sneakers

Naruto is the main character in the series and needs no introduction, there are plenty of fan-made designs available to purchase only a few of them will compliment your style, below are a few collaborations that aren’t just stylish but also durable.

Predator Naruto x Adidas

The Naruto x Adidas Predator 19.1 adv Maroon Yellow design made an appearance through their collaboration with the series mangaka Masashi Kishimoto.

These shoes were one of the four designs that came out on August 30th, 2019, the naruto pair offered a maroon and orange design with three bright yellow stripes on the outside representing the yellow spiky hairstyle, and on the front is a stainless-steel hidden leaf lace lock.

Naruto Shoes

Naruto Shoes
Naruto Shoes

The Airshoesea Naruto Shoes, These shoes are designed to embody the spirit of the popular anime series, featuring vibrant colors and striking design elements that are sure to turn heads.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these shoes are both durable and comfortable, with a sturdy rubber sole that provides excellent traction on any surface. The upper is made from breathable fabric that helps keep your feet cool and comfortable, even during long days of wear.

Kyuubi Naruto x Jordan

The Naruto x Jordan Zion 1 SP Kyuubi is a style you don’t want to miss out on, these shoes came out on May 11th, 2022, and are currently the newest pair on the market.

The bright yellow design encaptures the color scheme of Naruto, the midsole is bright yellow representing his yellow hair with a mild orange outer sole. The toe cap is bright orange with a black overlay circle on the vamp and a black overlay ring around the shoe.

Sasuke Uchiha Sneakers

Sasuke is perhaps one of the most amazing characters in the series, starting his journey to take revenge against his brother to a hero who saves the world in the end. Below is the only design that truly encaptures the self-possessed style of Sasuke Uchiha.

Nemeziz Naruto x Adidas

The Naruto x Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 trainers are the only sneakers that look stylish enough to give you that anime appearance, the simply mesmerizing design is enough to make you fall in love with the shoes.

The Nemeziz was one of the designed shoes by Adidas that came out on August 30th, 2019. These pairs have a purple and black design made in stripes all over, with three rectangular stripes going all the way to the back.

The shoes also have unique lace eyelet designs to give them that wavy appearance with an Uchiha eye symbol on the tongue.

Sakura Haruno Sneakers

Sakura is considered one of the most hated characters of all time in Naruto; however, her character was reformed at the end, and during the Boruto premiere, she is now a beloved character in the series. Below is a design that encaptures the feminine side of Sakura.

X Naruto x Adidas

The Naruto x Adidas X 19.1 ADV Sakura Haruno was the first sneakers from the Adidas collection to make an appearance, these shoes have a pink-ish maroon design which is perfect for any Sakura fans.

The X design was the first one to be designed by Weena Lee, and these came on August 2019. Not only did this pair have an outstanding design, but it also came with a specially designed insole featuring Sakura from Part II.

The overall show design included a multi-colored pink-striped pattern with a black-striped underlay and light green stripes on the front to the side. And finally, a stainless-steel lace lock on the front features the hidden leaf symbol.

Kakashi Hatake Sneakers

There are some dedicated fans of Kakashi Sensei, his methods may be unconventional but they do work. He’s also one of the most tragic characters in the series who lost nearly everything yet he always puts a smile on his face for others. The following design from Adidas and Jordan highlights the lightning nature of the copy ninja.

Copa Naruto x Adidas

The Naruto x Adidas COPA 19.1 TR ADV UltraBoost are the most normal-looking shoes from the Adidas collection, the simple yet captivating design perfectly highlights Kakashi’s laid-back personality.

The Copa design is the most popular among naruto fans, this is the last pair that was produced in the collaboration. The Ultraboost has a much simpler dark blue waved texture on the top with three white stripes on the outside matching Kakashi’s silver hair.

The sneakers also had his Magekyou Sharingan emblem sown on the top of the tongue, an Anbu black ops mark on the heel, and the hidden leaf symbol on the pulling tab.

Air 200E Naruto x Jordan

The Naruto x Jordan Air 200E Jonin design appears very similar to the Jonin outfit of the hidden leaf village as it has the Uzumaki symbol on the tongue.

This special Naruto x Jordan design was released on January 23rd, 2022. It has a somewhat fancy green overall design with a grayish green midsole, black lining, and cream-colored toe cap.

The insoles have different designs, the right side has an Uzumaki symbol, and the left side has the Michael Jordan jump pose.

Naruto Kurama Sneakers

There will never be a more loved character in the Naruto series, and after the recent revelations in the Boruto series, Kurama has become the fan favorite. The following pair honors his memory and give you an amazing look.

Nine Tails Naruto x Jordan

The Naruto x Jordan Zion 1 Nine Tails design is the sharpest-looking pair of sneakers from their collaboration, the bright red color is enough to make you fall in with them and the slick design is a cherry on top.

The Nine Tails design was the final release from the Naruto x Jordan collaboration and it was released on May 18th, 2022. This has a bright red design with dark black and red stripes on the upper part. The shoes have black midsoles and mellow red outer soles.

Madara Uchiha Sneakers

Hailed as the strongest villain in the entire series and the ghost of the Uchiha, Madara symbolizes power and strength, the rare Six Path design from the Naruto x Jordan collaboration highlight his godly power.

Sage of the Six Paths Naruto x Jordan

The Sage of six paths is obviously the most fancy-looking design from all of the Naruto x Jordan collaboration, the contrasting color between the two shoes is simply captivating.

The black-and-white color scheme highlights the power of the six paths, this pair was released on May 18th, 2022. This design also features truth-seeking balls around the toe vamp and the red rinnegan on the tongue.

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